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31 things to celebrate 31 years

In celebration of the clearly momentous occasion of my 31st birthday, here are 31 different things that can help in getting you more planned and organised. There is also a video you can find of this list too, if you prefer (check out the youtube link):

1. Use a calendar, and learn to use it well

2. Journal your thoughts

3. Brain dump ideas throughout the day

4. Use time blocking to get things done

5. Use pomodoros for focus

6. Batch similar tasks together

7. Develop a morning routine

8. Develop an evening routine

9. Give yourself an admin day

10. Organise your digital files in a way that works for you

11. Be boundaried with your time

12. Leave time in between scheduled things throughout the day

13. Use a to do list effectively

14. Re visit your goals regularly

15. Prepare for week ahead at the weekend

16. Organise your wardrobe for the week at the weekend

17. Do your food shop online

18. Prepare food for the week at the weekend

19. Subscribe for things you need regularly

20. Schedule reminders for things you don’t want to forget

21. Book in those doctor /dentist appointments and check-ups

22. Plan for the ‘plan B’

23. Attend or run a shut up and write session

24. Create a study club

25. Get yourself or become an accountability partner

26. Aim to always get to places early

27. Review progress regularly

28. Learn how to use your preferred software/programmes well

29. Create workflows for things you do regularly

30. Review notes regularly

31. Give yourself breaks and be kind to yourself!

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