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So this week has been fun, despite being super busy. However, in between my teaching, I've found some valuable time to spend talking about everything and nothing, in an informal way. Whilst Tanya, Luke, and I make time when we can to meet up and talk all manner of feminist things and life in general, I find so much value in the spaces where this isn't necessarily intentional.

Alex and I do this almost on a weekly basis now (you can hear my feministing on his Podcast here, but do also check out the other episodes!), talking about all manner of things in between sessions. This is anything from Jordan Peterson, to war, to contraceptive pills, to tattoos, to drag queens. That was just this week.

In addition, I do this - intentionally - with my students too. Whilst I love time getting to know them, and vice versa (the amount of game/book/music/show recommendations I've gotten this way is a complete benefit of the job), it's more about expanding the conversations, moving into seemingly unrelated spaces that actually impart into both the session material but also a wider understanding of topics. Having those intellectual kinds of conversations in breaks during a class or in pockets of time between classes has helped me think about how I present material, the perspective I'm taking, but also, how to make theory more real world relatable. For students I guess, they get to see a different side to us, away from the designated topics, and see how our brain works in a way that they find engaging.

I think that Universities are a wonderful space for curating and exploring perspectives and experiences. To go into these kinds of spaces with a closed mind is to miss the point. My students know that I am a feminist, but at the same time, I don't agree with all feminist arguments. They know I'm a critical social psychologist and live for unpicking social constructs, but I will also explore other avenues for arguments. To hear different points of view is to make sense more of your own opinion, as informed by you, not someone else (i.e. the media).

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