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Developing diversity awareness (Project Blog)

We are now well into the first term, and have explored a multitude of topics on both The Developing Child and The Developing Adult. Over the course of the term so far, we have facilitated students unpacking of the topics, and asked them to reflect on these in their private blog spaces.

A couple of weeks ago, an interesting online activity really showed itself as one of the stand out moments, especially in respect to getting students thinking about diversity, and understanding their own positionings.

Students were asked to complete a very pop-culture-esque 'privilege quiz', with a video accompanying the kinds of things we wanted them to think about. Both the quiz and the video bring awareness to the kinds of things that some of us may take for granted on a daily basis, such as the colour of our skin, the heteronormative nature of society, as well as the impact of mental health.

Whilst we had been covering aspects of personal positioning over a number of weeks, this activity was a clear front-runner is getting students to think of what their positionings meant in the way of privilege. Some students stated how the quiz really made them think about things that hadn't previously thought about (for example, religious privilege). More importantly, it got some students thinking about the non-permanence of some privileges, and how this may be open to change (for example, currently living with parents, and how their financial situation may change when they move out).

As the modules ask the students to think about how their own personal experiences have shaped how they make sense of particular topics, this activity became a key point of awareness that students have made use of in making sense of experience and knowledge.

Please do get in touch with your thoughts: @CharlotteJD #diversechildhoods#diverseadulthoods

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