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Exploring diversity in psychology through ABL-informed patchwork assessment practices (Project Blog)

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

As might be clear from the other posts on this blog, intersectionality is of importance to me, not just personally, but also in how this is explored through the Psychology curriculum.

Tanya and I both feel quite strongly about the inclusion of diversity work within our teaching, and we both love to get students to think critically about topics related to our modules - The Developing Child, and The Developing Adult. Both of these modules consider big issues - domestic violence, looked after children, working life, online worlds, and parenting, just as some examples. Within this, we are acutely aware of how Psychology often focuses on 'normative' constructions of both childhood and adulthood - predominantly white, middle-class, mostly male, and mostly conducted on student populations.

We have put quite a bit of effort into ensuring that both of these modules are diverse in focus, drawing on inclusive research that focuses on people of colour, a recognition for differing abilities, ages, classes, sexualities and genders, amongst other key intersections. We ask students to draw explicitly on their own personal experiences in how they make sense of particular topics, and for them to do this via an private online journalling tool. These online blogs feed directly into the assessments for the modules, so the ways that the students process diversity are measurable, whilst being sympathetic to their own personal experiences.

This project will be running into 2018, culminating in presentations and the ILT Conference in May, and the Psychology of Women Section Conference in July. You will see posts from myself and Tanya as the leads for the project, as well as some guest blog posts from students who will explain how they make sense of diversity in the curriculum.

Please do get in touch with your thoughts: @CharlotteJD #diversechildhoods #diverseadulthoods

This post is a part of the research blog for this project, supported by the University of Northampton's Institute for Learning and Teaching Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund for 2017/2018. You can find out more information about the projects funded here: Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund 

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