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For the sentences you just cannot finish.

The point that I’m trying to articulate using ends with:

I can’t even

Just sigh

I mean head shakes

This usually follows from those exhausting arguments, the good feminist fight, when the fight becomes a little overwhelming, and there is nothing more to say.

Well, there is plenty more to say, but I cannot even begin to put it into words.

It is not about giving up. Giving up is not an option.

It is more about trying to make the same point again and again but it doesn’t sink in, the arguments go unheard, you hit a wall, and that wall just will not damn budge.

You are treading a path, a path that is overgrown – people have been here before, but they moved on to other paths. The path again needs tending to, to make it easier for others to walk.

Whilst this post may seem overly abstract and philosophical, it has a concrete core. Whilst there is currently no ending for these sentences, to the arguments that are just too much to explain concisely right now, it does not mean that they do not have an end, or at the very least, a position from which to continue forward.

The irony is, I started this post over a week ago, and couldn’t finish it. I find it all kinds of frustrating to not be able to summarise these difficult arguments and points. But also, that’s kind of the point. Not everything has an ending, has the ‘right’ kind of answer. But the more we talk about these, the more that we catalogue these things, the more we can reflect on them and unpack their meaning.

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