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Inclusive Curriculum Project Update

The latest blog post comes from our Research Assistant, Katy Demeter, with her reflections on the project and the topic:

So, we’re almost at the end of May and we are soon to start the analysis process with our data so far. In all honesty, I thought the team would have had more than three participants to analyse, however, we are grateful for the participants who have engaged and are hopeful that some interesting findings will evolve from the data. 

The team met recently and we’ve decided to add elements of diversity and inclusion that have been circulating in the media, as we think this will be good to include due to the shortage of participants; however, we are still hopeful of recruiting perhaps 2/3 more! 

I feel like for the most part I’ve taken a back seat compared to other research projects I’ve been involved in, so I’m excited for the analysis to start as I’ll feel a little more in touch with the research in itself. 

After meeting with the team on 29.05.19 it’s been interesting to see some of the themes that have come out and raised some interesting discussion points. Even though I haven’t been deeply involved in the interviewing process, it was really interesting to talk about diversity and inclusion within a university once no longer being a student there between 2014 and 2017. From my own opinion there’s only been slight and small changes relating to diversity and inclusion and appears that, personally, the university has a long way to go; despite what comes from the research participants. It also made me think that it’s not just the university that needs to make further changes, but it seems to be everywhere for me, that in reality, diversity and inclusion is very “tick boxy”, especially in recruitment processes, but that’s just speaking from personal experience. 

Where I currently work I feel there’s a much bigger leap into diversity and inclusion, probably due to the environment I work in... but that’s not to say there’s further things that can be improved! But then I think about some other countries that are so lacking behind in inclusion and diversity, and some of the restrictions that are put in place. Makes me feel somewhat grateful that I’m living in an environment where it is recognised and changes have been made! 


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