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Monday mornings are a construction.

Why is it specifically Monday mornings that become the most dreaded time of the week? It is no different to any other day in relation to the face that it is a day, there will be weather, there will be crap morning television. We all know, this dreaded 'Monday morningness' is due to work.

Traditionally, working occurs Monday to Friday, with rest at the weekend. Monday represents the return to work following from rest.

But come on, does it?

I know rare few people who do not work weekends, contractually or otherwise. Weekends do not necessarily represent rest. Weekends might be fully of activities, reading, insightful TED talks, a blog post here or there, some lecture prep.

Also, not everyone 'works' Monday to Friday, in a 9-6 fashion. In my own case, Mondays are my research day, that I protect fervently, and therefore it does not carry the same meaning in respect to 'work'.

This post is certainly not meant as a dismissal of anyone who dreads the start of their working week. But, Monday mornings are a relic of past working practices, for which our society has surpassed. By all means, spread the dread to all and any other days and times. Let's not single out Mondays.

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