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The failed CV

Current Projects

Current publications in progress (2020-2021)

Contract with Emerald Publishing: Book exploring tattooed women's bodies - due early 2021

Social Media, Power, & Gender Chapter (February 2021)

Drag and Femininities Chapter (Mid 2021)

Editing Interdisciplinary book (contract to be finalised (late 2021)


Digital mothering practices (ongoing)

Working as part of a cross-university team based at the Open University. We have a recently published paper, ran a successful BPS-funded seminar series (you can find out more here:, and have a Conversation article looking at sharenting practices.

Diversity and inclusion in the psychology curriculum (2017-2021)

I led on a University funding bid to explore issues surrounding diversity in psychology, which we have presented at a couple of conferences, and won the BPS DART-P award for Teaching Impact in 2019. We are looking to extend this project in the future, by exploring aspects of the Hidden Curriculum (early intervention paper due May 2021). From this research, I now run a university-wide staff training on inclusive assessment practices.


  1. Dann, C., Johnston, R., and Demeter, K. (2019) Exploring diversity in Higher Education. Workshop presented to: Institute for Learning and Teaching Conference, University of Northampton, Northampton, 18 June 2019

  2. Dann, C., Johnston, R., and Demeter, K. (2019). Space, place, and face: Exploring Diversity in Higher Education. Paper presented to: British Psychological Society Division of Academics, Researchers, and Teachers Conference, University of Cardiff, Cardiff, 3-5 June 2019

  3. Dann, C. and Callaghan, J. (2019) Negotiating femininity through the embodiment of tattoos. Paper presented to: Talking Bodies Conference, University of Chester, Chester, 10-13 April 2019

  4. Dann, C., and Callaghan, J. (2019) Age related representations of tattooed bodies. Paper presented to: Geographies of Gender Conference, University of Winchester, Winchester, 4-6 January 2019

  5. Capdevila, R., Dann, C., Lazard, L., Locke, A., and Roper, S. (2018) #MothersDay: Constructions of motherhood and femininity in social media posts. Paper presented to: British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychology of Women & Equalities Section Annual Conference, Windsor, 11-13 July 2018.

  6. Dann, C., Beetham, T., and Wild, R. (2018) Exploring diversity in psychology through informed patchwork assessment practices (feminism in the academy). Paper presented to: British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychology of Women & Equalities Section Annual Conference, Windsor, 11-13 July 2018.

  7. Dann, C. and Callaghan, J. (2018) Tattoos as artwork: embodying classed feminine positions through the tattooed female body.Paper presented to: Appearance Matters Conference, Assembly Rooms, Bath, 12-14 June 2018.

  8. Dann, C. and Beetham, T. (2018) Exploring diversity in psychology through ABL-informed patchwork assessment practices.Workshop presented to: Institute of Learning and Teaching Conference, Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton, 15 May 2018

  9. Dann, C. and Ward, L. (2018) Representing the (othered) other: a qualitative exploration of othered positionings in RuPaul's Drag Race. Paper presented to: Pop Culture Conference, University of Birmingham, 28 February 2018.


  1. Ward, L., and Dann, C. (2020) Exploring RuPaul's Drag Race as a platform for public debate: conforming and resisting idealised notions of drag [commentary], Psychology of Women & Equalities Review, 3(1&2), 82-85.

  2. Lazard, L., Capdevila, R., Dann, C., Locke, A., and Roper, S. (2019) Sharenting: Pride, affect and the day-to-day politics of digital mothering, Social and Personality Compass, e12443.

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  4. Dann, C. Constructions of regulation and social norms of tattooed female bodies, in Holland, S. & Spracklen, K. (2018) Subcultures, Bodies, and Spaces. Emerald Publishing.

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  10. Dann, C. (2015) Book review: Alternative Femininities: Body, Age and Identity, by Samantha Holland (2004). Psychology of Women Section Review. 17, pp. 84-85. 1466-3724.

The Failed CV

I think it is extremely important to not just highlight good career points, but also to recognise the things that didn't work, the rejections, and the academic stuff that is generally kept away from public viewing. By drawing attention to that here, I aim to demystify some of the things that happen in the background, and to encourage others to keep going! I also want to add: I do not take these things personal, and reading the below, some of the reasonings are brutal, but I do have some level of confidence in my own ability to take these and move forward.


  • It took me four attempts before I was given my permanent post at my current university. This happened over a number of years. At first I was hourly paid, and then moved to a couple of year long contracts. In the meantime, I applied for jobs within the university. One I got a straight rejection, and two I got an interview for, but someone else was better on the day. 

  • I applied for a job, and made it through to the interview stage. Did not get the job, feedback centring on my speaking too much in response to interviews answers.

  • I applied for a job in my area, tailored the application to research, teaching, and leadership, but did not even get to the interview stage. 


  • I got rejected from a sociology based journal for my paper on media constructions of tattooed women. The feedback was useful (they wanted me to change the focus of the paper to be more about embodiment, but I felt it took away from the actual paper and didn't resubmit it).

  • I applied for a travelling fellowship fund, and got rejected in the first round for 'not having done my research properly'. The project was going to look at tattooed women's bodies (the focus of my entire thesis)

  • Rejection of a journal paper three months after submission, with the feedback stating that my work was of such poor quality that the editors did not have the time to work with me.

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